Managing all of your surveying and development needs
Managing all of your surveying and development needs
Managing all of your surveying and development needs
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Surveyors Northern Rivers

NSW Health Mandate Update:

As you know we are facing challenging times with the NSW public health mandate. Starting from Monday 11th October, we are required to
follow the guidelines set by NSW Health which states that clients must be double vaccinated prior to visiting the office between October 11th
and December 1st.
We respect everyone’s choice regarding their health. We recognise that everyone has the right to make individual decisions on how they
manage their own personal health, and that your decisions are valid and justifiable.
We ask in return that you respect our decision about how we manage our office. We care deeply about the well-being of our staff and clients,
and we wish to proceed in a safe and stress-free manner.
Please contact the office to arrange a meeting if you require a face-to-face meeting otherwise, we will try our best to help you with what we can
over the phone.
At the moment there is at least a 6 week wait on all new jobs. Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your new projects with us and we will
work out a time frame for your project.

Land development consultancy — Surveyors In Grafton, NSW

A Fletcher & Associates is a leading team of surveyors and development consultants servicing Grafton, the Clarence Valley, Coffs Harbour, New England and surrounds. We offer a complete range of surveying and mapping, town planning and project management services, specialising in sub-divisions, new developments, rail, government and civil projects.

Our property surveyors provide town planners, real estate agents, developers, government and home owners with valuable information about their land, enabling them to protect the integrity of their development project.

We provide a wide range of services including:

Call us now on (02) 6642 3300 to arrange surveying, town planning or development consulting services today. We can also provide you with an obligation-free quote on request.

Property acquisition surveys — Surveyors In Grafton, NSW

We have extensive expertise in all facets of land and property surveying, from site evaluation through to feasibility reporting.

Measurements & mapping — Surveyors In Grafton, NSW

Our team offer accurate property surveys and advice, so you can make the right decision on projects of any scale.

Surveying — Surveyors In Grafton, NSW

We will manage every phase of your property surveying and land development, ensuring it’s a stress-free process.