Frequently asked questions about our Grafton surveyors

To assist you with any queries here’s some of the questions our Grafton surveyors are asked on a regular basis about the services we provide. Call us now on (02) 6642 3300 if you have any further queries you’d like answered and our friendly team will be happy to help.

A) Yes. It’s crucial to have a survey undertaken before any building or installation project to be sure you are within the boundaries of your property.

A) Yes. For our client’s convenience we also have a team of draftspeople available for design.

A) A survey can include: 
– Measurements of the distance and height of the land on a property
– Location of land features, such as water and services, to enable building and design improvements
– Identify the legal extent of a property, as well as any encroachments
– Pegging of a property’s new boundaries

A) You can determine the right survey to have undertaken by arranging a consultation with our experienced staff at A Fletcher & Associates.

A) A cadastral survey plan accurately determines the boundaries that exist between neighbour’s properties. It’s generally undertaken to identify usage rights.